Coach Swindle has pushed my daughter to another level in regards to her game. We came to him only figuring that he could just add to her game, in which he. Coming in as a freshman we didn’t know what to expect. We are traveling to Colorado in May, he is showing her the stuff she need to understand what they need. With guidance from Coach Swindle, my daughter is now one of the top players in the class of 2019 and is getting offers from Georgetown, Georgia Tech, Texas Tech, and Louisville to name a few. We look to Coach Tony’s advice about our daughter’s future in Basketball.
Dewayne Oliver – Jordyn Oliver

Jordyn Oliver

We have known Coach Swindle for 3 years. We have our own skills trainer, but we come to Coach Tony for the specialty skills because he’s a player’s coach in the development world. When it comes to the big things-USA Basketball tryouts or a big camp-or even just seeking any real advice we talk to Coach Tony-first.
Kim Gordon – Lexi Gordon

Lexi Gordon

We have worked with Coach Tony Swindle for the past two years. Even though my child was already getting recruited before, Coach Tony has helped add different elements that she uses in every game that she plays. Her ranking continues to rise because of the things he has taught her.
Twana Holmes – Joyner Holmes

Joyner Holmes